Kyiv elections on Dec 8 unlikely - Servant of the People

Holding local elections in Kyiv on December 8 is unlikely, said First Deputy Head of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction Oleksandr Korniyenko, and says that they can be held in spring along with local elections throughout Ukraine.

"If we talk about December 8, then apparently we are running out of time. Moreover, the Committee most likely recommends project 2143-3 for the first reading, in which the election date is not determined at all," he said in an exclusive interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

"Thus, it will be necessary to declare the elections as a separate procedure, which is unlikely in a short time," the politician added.

He specified that the law on local elections envisages 60 days for the election process, which implies that the parliament needs to decide on the conduct of elections by October 8, and the Central Election Commission is to immediately announce them.

At the same time, Korniyenko recalled that the new composition of the CEC had not been formed yet.

Answering the question whether the elections in Kyiv can take place simultaneously with local elections throughout Ukraine in spring, Korniyenko said: "There is such a possibility."

According to him, the Servant of the People considers the draft of the new version of the law on the capital of Ukraine (No. 2143-3) as a basic one with the mandatory integration of the provisions of draft law No. 2143, also introduced by a group of MPs from the majority.

As reported, four bills were registered in parliament regarding the organization of local self-government in Kyiv, two of them were initiated by deputies from the Servant of the People Party.