Former head of NBU Gontareva says her house near Kyiv burned down

 Valeriya Gontareva's house near Kyiv in the village of Horenychi was burned down on Tuesday night as a result of an arson, the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine has stated.

"Dear colleagues, our house near Kyiv in the village of Horenychi has just been burned down. They threw a Molotov cocktail through the fence. The house completely burned out. Firefighters could not even put out it. This is a complete and final outrage! I don't know where to turn, the terror continues!!!" she told Interfax-Ukraine.

As reported, the car of Gontareva's daughter-in-law on the night of September 5 was doused with petrol and burned in front of her house in the center of Kyiv.

On September 12, law enforcement officers conducted searches at the place where Gontareva was registered in her family's apartment in Kyiv.

Gontareva, who is now undergoing treatment at a hospital in London after a car hit her, considers these two events to be related and stated that her opponents have gone from verbal threats to real actions.