Zelensky team wants to conduct "state audit" in first 100 days – Stefanchuk

The team of President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky intends to conduct a "state audit" in the first 100 days in order to understand the state's position, an ideologist of the Zelensky team, Ruslan Stefanchuk, notes.

"In order to perform any transformations, we need to know the human resource, financial resource and time resource. It is recorded in our program, and we will deal with it in the first 100 days: this is the announcement of the state audit. We need to understand the situation in the state today," he said on the 112.Ukraine TV channel on Friday evening.

According to the ideologist of the team, the Ukrainian institutions, which are charged with the relevant duties, and international structures will be involved in such an audit. "It is clear that we can attract international institutions not in all areas, because it is connected with state secrets, with other things," he said.

Stefanchuk stressed that it is important to understand the state of Ukraine's financial obligations, the state of the infrastructure, and the state of the country's international obligations.

"We need to know how many people there are in Ukraine today, since the number of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada depends on it. There are European norms, and they are far from being appropriate. We need to understand what social programs should be implemented. It's not normal when today we do not know the amount of people in the country and their legal statuses," he explained.