Poroshenko calls on new Ukraine's govt to continue course in EU, seek strengthening of sanctions against Russia until restoration of territorial integrity

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has called on the team of the new president to continue the movement of Ukraine to the European Union, to preserve the international coalition against Russian aggression and to seek strengthening of sanctions against Moscow until the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"The new President of Ukraine will take up duties the day after tomorrow. I firmly hope that he will continue the course of Ukraine to the European Union. This cannot be ignored, as the absolute majority of Ukrainians stand for these positions," Poroshenko said on Europe Day in Kyiv on Saturday.

He also advised those who tomorrow "will embody the state strategy and implement Ukraine's foreign policy," to preserve the trust and solidarity of the European Union and Ukraine, and the pro-Ukrainian international coalition that opposes Russian aggression.

"Strengthen the sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation, which should liberate the Ukrainian land, to ensure the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty over the occupied territories," said Poroshenko.

He also called on the new government to effectively implement the Association Agreement with the EU and the Free Trade Area.

As reported, the inauguration of President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will begin at 10:00 on Monday, May 20, in the session hall of the parliament.