Energy resources in Ukraine need to be transferred from politics to economy, presence of state in human life to be reduced – Zelensky's advisor

The team of President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that energy resources in Ukraine need to be transferred from the political sphere to the economic sphere, as well as reduce the presence of the state and its services in human life.

"We want to offer a slightly different mechanism and energy resources to be transferred from the political sphere to the economic sphere. For this, there should be normal regulators: the normally functioning Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the bodies dealing with abuses in this sphere. People who are responsible for tariffs should understand that in the case of unjustified tariffs we have the principle of legal responsibility," Zelensky's ideologist Ruslan Stefanchuk, who is in charge of reforming state institutions and law-making work, said on the 112.Ukraine TV channel.

He noted that the Zelensky team intends to create a high-quality private service in almost every area that concerns public service. "So that each person could decide whether he wants to go to court and consider his case there for 20 years, or he will turn to alternative ways of resolving disputes, in particular, mediation, and will be able to quickly get a decision. He should have a choice - to go to a government executive or to a private executive and receive a decision. A person must have a choice," explained Zelensky's advisor.

Stefanchuk stressed that it is necessary to reduce the number of functions of the state towards a person: "We have such a principle - less state in human life, more human in the life of the state."