Zelensky team proposes 'direct democracy': referendums, popular initiatives and 'popular veto' – Stefanchuk

The team of President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky suggests introducing in Ukraine a system of democracy based on the principle of "direct democracy," which will include fair and high-quality referendums, a mandatory response to popular initiatives and a "people's veto" on decisions taken by key authorities.

"The system of people power that we suggest is a system that is called "direct democracy" throughout the world. We studied the experience of the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, and from each country we tried to take those things that would enable people to feel real control and power in this state," Zelensky's ideologist Ruslan Stefanchuk, who is in charge of reforming state institutions and law-making work, said on the 112.Ukraine TV channel.

He noted that it is necessary to revive the system of fair, correct and high-quality referendums. "As we don't understand why the referendum, which gave birth to Ukraine as a state, has never been used for the benefit of Ukraine after that?" Stefanchuk stressed.

Zelensky's advisor also pointed out the importance of the issue of popular initiatives. "These are not petitions which are written many times and not executed. There will be a mandatory approach to respond to all popular initiatives, both at the national and at the local level," he explained.

Stefanchuk pointed out that the third and conceptually important issue is the "response system" of the highest authorities. "When a person, people, nation have the opportunity not only to recall a deputy, carry out the procedure of impeachment of the president, but also to veto the decisions taken, that is, the system of "people's veto," he noted.