Kremlin may actively interfere in Ukraine's parliamentary elections

Head of the working group on monitoring external interference in the Ukrainian elections, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (2008-2009), David Kramer, admits possible serious Russian intervention in the Ukrainian parliamentary elections, despite the absence of such a fact during the presidential elections.

When we talk about Russian interference, we have to recall the fact that the Russian occupation of part of Ukrainian territory made voting impossible for 14% of voters. This is already a big interference, he said during the panel discussion titled "Monitoring Outside Interference in Ukraine's 2019 Presidential Election" in Kyiv on Wednesday.

Kramer indicated the presence of a large disinformation campaign.

Parliamentary elections will also be held, so you need to be careful. Just because the interference was not as large as it was predicted, you don't need to think that this cannot happen during the parliamentary elections. We believe that there will be an active campaign especially from the Kremlin. They will try to intervene and influence, he added.