Jailed journalist Vyshinsky moved from Kherson to Kyiv on March 14

Arrested RIA Novosti Ukraine director Kirill Vyshinsky was moved from Kherson to Kyiv via Odesa on March 14, his lawyer said.

"He has been in a cell with several other inmates, in very bad conditions, for four days now. There is no electricity in the cell, the beds (the so-called 'shkonki') are broken, no mattresses were provided," Andriy Domansky told Interfax-Ukraine on Monday, March 18.

He said he would complain to the Ukrainian ombudsman about the conditions which, in his view, fall short of relevant international standards.

"Especially, given the recent boasting by the Lukyanivske jail about supposedly having European standards, but we can see, on the example of Kirill Vyshinsky, that such standards are not being met," Domansky said.

Vyshinsky was moved to Kyiv to appear at a hearing on March 20 by the Supreme Court's cassation criminal court of the appeal against his arrest in May 2018, he said.

On March 26 Kyiv's Podilsky district court will start hearing the indictment against Vyshinsky which prosecutors sent it on March 6.

Vyshinsky was detained in Kyiv on May 15, 2018, and later charged with committing several crimes in Ukraine, including high treason, calling for the violent overthrow of the constitutional system, conspiracy to overthrow the government, calling for intentionally changing Ukraine's national borders in violation of the constitutional order in combination with incitement of ethnic hatred and animosity and humiliation of national honor and dignity, and acquisition and possession of a firearm.

On May 17, 2018, the Kherson City Court remanded him in custody until July 13. It later extended his period of arrest several times.

On January 10, 2019, the case materials were provided to the defense lawyers to be studied.

On January 17, the Kherson City Court prolonged Vyshinsky's arrest until February 16. The Kherson Appeal Court upheld the ruling on January 31.