Main military prosecutor's office completes investigation into Klymenko's 'tax platforms'

 Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios has said that an investigation into 'tax platforms' of former income and tax minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Klymenko has been completed.

"We have done it! ...my subordinates first in the modern history of Ukraine successfully investigated into a large business case about a criminal group," Matios wrote on his Facebook page and posted a document on the completion of the investigation.

According to the document posted by Matios, on March 14, 2018, Main Military Prosecutor's Office finished the investigation in a criminal case about 'tax platforms' opened against Klymenko and other 52 officials of the former Income and Tax Ministry of Ukraine.

The criminal case has hundreds of volumes. Twenty five out of 52 persons who are notified that they are suspected under Part 1 of Article 255, Part 4 of Article 25, Part 2 of Article 264 and Part 3 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are on the wanted list. Some 96 lawyers are defending the suspects.

"The total amount of the losses established by investigators amounted to more than UAH 104 billion. The total amount of bails paid by the suspects amounted to more than UAH 74 million. During the investigation two deals on admission of guilt were signed with the suspects, who refunded losses of UAH 26 million. In order to provide compensation of loss to the state investigators and court arrested property of the suspects for the amount of UAH 6.9 billion, including 40 houses, 117 flats, 95 land parcels, 137 nonresidential premises, 162 cars, 1,000 wagons, corporate rights with a face value of some UAH 400 million, and 194 accounts," the investigators said in the document posted by Matios.

In addition, cash amounting to $4.4 million, UAH 9.8 million, EUR 7,200 was seized during raids, and another $5 million was arrested in the accounts of the suspects.

"The investigators of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office thanks to close cooperation with the economy protection department of the National Police of the Interior Ministry in less than 10 months lawfully collected ample evidence of the existence and functioning of a criminal group led by Klymenko consisting of high-ranking officials of the Income and Tax Ministry," Main Military Prosecutor's Office said.