Court puts deputy education minister's son under house arrest for two months

A court has chosen two-month house arrest for the son of Ukraine's First Deputy Education and Science Minister Mykhailo Kovtunets, who is suspected of attacking a courier of an online store, his lawyer, Oleh Matkovsky, has told Interfax-Ukraine.

"They left him under house arrest for two months, until May 4," the lawyer told the news agency on Wednesday.

Matkovsky noted that the defense team did not intend to file an appeal, since this court decision suits them.

As reported, the prosecutor's office approved a notice of suspicion to the son of the deputy education minister due to a robbery attack against a courier of an online store.

Police in Kyiv are investigating the case involving two suspects. At the same time, a source in law enforcement agencies told the agency that three people took part in the attack and that one of them was the son of the first deputy education minister.

The media reported earlier, citing their sources, that the first deputy education minister's son participated in a robbery attack against a courier in order to take possession of an iPhone 8 Plus.