Klimkin thanks Ukrainian police for solving crimes related to arson attacks on Hungarian culture center in Uzhgorod

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin has thanked the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies for solving crimes related to arson attacks on the building of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association (KMKSZ) in Uzhgorod, saying he doesn't rule out that attempts to destabilize the situation may continue.

"I thank the police for their active work in Zakarpattia. Russian trace is seen everywhere. My 'regards' to all those who have speculated on mystical anti-Hungarian sentiments. I do not rule out that attempts to destabilize the situation may continue," the foreign minister wrote on Twitter.

As reported, a building on Uzhgorod's Pravoslavna Embankment where the KMKSZ office is located saw two arson attacks in February. The first incident occurred on the morning of February 4, when an unknown person threw a Molotov cocktail into the window of the building.

The investigation found that citizens of Poland, Adrian Marglewski and Tomasz Rafal Szymkowiak, could be involved in the crime. Later, Poland's national news agency, Polska Agencja Prasowa, reported that three suspects in the arson attack on the KMKS building in Uzhgorod had been detained in Poland and the court ruled to arrest two of them.

The second arson attack on the same building took place in the early hours of February 27. No casualties were reported, but the fire destroyed about 25 square meters on the first floor. The fire was preceded by an explosion near the building.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary Liubov Nepop was summoned to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with the attacks on the KMKSZ office. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that "extremist political ideas are growing in Ukraine," suggesting that "members of the Hungarian ethnic community in Transcarpathia are being intimidated in that way."

First Deputy Head of Ukraine's Zakarpattia Regional Council and Deputy Chairman of the KMKSZ Yosyp Barto said he is convinced that foreign nationals rather than Ukrainians were behind the arson incidents in the KMKSZ office in Uzhgorod.

Chief of the National Police of Ukraine Serhiy Kniazev later announced that five suspects in the case had been detained, while a probable organizer, who is reportedly a foreign citizen, had been put on the wanted list.