Ukrainian socialists focus on EU, NATO

The Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) believes that Ukraine's integration with the European Union (EU) and NATO is one of the priorities of the country's foreign policy, SPU leader Illia Kyva has said on the 112 TV channel.

"The new program of the party contains provisions on the integration of Ukraine with the EU and NATO. This is the program of the renewed Socialist Party. We are no longer nostalgic for the USSR. We are the Socialist Party of Ukraine!" Kyva said.

According to the politician, the focus on European integration helps Ukraine to get rid of corruption.

"Europe is a salvation for our country today. In the truest sense of the word. The European Union controls our power, our officials. NABU, NACP [National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, National Agency on Corruption Prevention] have been created under the program proposed to us by the European Union. An anti-corruption court is also being established at the request of the EU. Yes, we are forced to fight corruption. But it goes for good. If we are able to destroy corruption, we will learn how to effectively control the power. The country will only benefit from this," the politician said.

Earlier, after a working trip to Bulgaria, Kyva announced the intention of the Socialist Party to restore membership in the Socialist International.

"We are raising the party not only within the country, but also at the international level. We are firm in our intention to return to the Socialist International. Yes, we have to go through a number of procedures, carry out many more formalities, but we will definitely do it," he said.

Before the election of Kyva as the SPU head, the program of the party did not contain an idea of the country's integration with Europe. In contrast to it, the SPU proclaimed the intention to "build Europe in Ukraine."