Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council meeting under way in Odesa

A meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council is taking place in Odesa on Monday, March 5.

"It is symbolic that this dialogue, which has brought together participants from 12 NATO member countries, is taking place on the fourth anniversary of Crimea's annexation and the beginning of the [Russian] occupation of the Ukrainian land, the occupation of Donbas," First Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Iryna Gerashchenko, said.

NATO member countries continue expressing their support to Ukraine, she said. Issues and problems that require priority attention and support from the international community are on the agenda of the meeting on Monday.

The agenda, which one of the participants in the meeting shared with Interfax-Ukraine, includes debates on such subjects as the "Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Build-up of Russian Military Capabilities in the Black Sea," "Militarization of Crimea and Violation of Human Rights on the Peninsula," "The Economic Situation and Energy Security in the Black Sea Region," "The Humanitarian Situation and the Security Situation in the East of Ukraine."

On March 6, the participants of the event will visit the Ukrainian Navy's Hetman Sahaydachniy frigate and meet with students of Mechnikov Odesa National University.