Putin doesn't fulfill his promises: 824 people killed since 'Minsk' agreements – Poroshenko

 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that Russia, at the request of its president, Vladimir Putin, can at any time try to aggravate the situation in the Ukrainian state, and in the regions of Donbas, that are controlled by Moscow, a significant Russian military contingent is concentrated there.

"There are so many Putin's troops in Ukraine, and he can at any moment exacerbate the situation if he wants. I once told the chancellor [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel: You can imagine that there are more tanks in the east of Ukraine than there are in the Bundeswehr (the unified armed forces of Germany). Some 600 tanks are present in this small area," Poroshenko said in an interview with the German edition of Bild, the Ukrainian presidential administration said on Monday.

Speaking about the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian president said that this was the most difficult moment when in February 2015 about 25 Ukrainian soldiers were killed by bullets of the regular Russian army daily.

"In Minsk we spent 19 hours without sleep and food. And then an agreement was reached, which would not have happened without the support of the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel," he recalled and expressed his gratitude to the German Federal Chancellor.

At the same time, Poroshenko added: "However, as the whole world knows: the president of the Russian Federation does not keep his promises. Always, whenever he wants, he promotes another escalation."

According to the president of Ukraine, the statement said, "after the conclusion of Minsk agreements, 824 people were killed in the war."