TrailStone trader gets license for gas supply in Ukraine

The National Commission for Regulation of Energy, Housing and Utilities Services (NCER) has issued a license for the supply of natural gas to TrailStone Energy LLC (Kyiv).

The decision to grant a license to the Ukrainian subsidiary of the trader TrailStone was made at a meeting of the regulator on January 16.

As reported, the NCER has already issued about 400 licenses for gas supply in Ukraine. In particular, the licenses were received by the large world companies and traders represented by Trafigura, Engie, MET, AOT Energy, DufEnergy.

TrailStone was founded in April 2013 by the team that previously held the leading posts at Deutsche Bank. The investor in TrailStone was the American private fund Riverstone Holdings LLC, founded in 2000, with offices in New York, London, Houston, and Mexico. During its existence, the fund has invested about $30 billion in more than 110 companies in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

TrailStone became one of the first sellers of gas from Europe to Ukraine, supplying it to Naftogaz Ukrainy.