More than 500,000 persons made online appointment at doctor's in 2017 as part of medical reform

More than 500,000 people in Ukraine have signed up for an appointment with a doctor online and received a consultation without a "live" queue, the press service of the Helsi Medical Information System (MIS) has reported.

"Over a year, the possibility of preregistration has become available for almost all polyclinics in the capital and for some cities of Ukraine. Thus, in eight out of ten districts of Kyiv, there is a free Helsi service, where 7,000 people are registered to visit a doctor every day," a message reads.

Currently, consultants are working to help patients and doctors in case of any questions in each clinic connected to the electronic system.

"Henceforth, the queues will gradually disappear in the medical institutions, which will help to improve the quality of the service and positively affect the level of satisfaction of patients and doctors," the press service of the MIS of Helsinki Service Director, Artem Mykhailiuk, said.

At present, 667 medical institutions from all regions of the country, 4,200 doctors and about 18,000 patients have joined the electronic health system eHealth. More than 80% of all registrations took place through the Helsi service.

Helsi is one of the medical information systems connected to the national electronic healthcare system eHealth. It operates in 262 outpatient clinics and 64 polyclinics in Ukraine. The MIS has carried out 460,000 entries for admission to health facilities since its launch.