Klimkin calls conflict freezing alternative to peacekeepers introduction into Donbas

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin believes that an alternative to the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission into Donbas is exclusively the freezing of the conflict.

"Lavrov [Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov], for example, spoke about the role of the OSCE that a possible peacekeeping mission in Donbas is actually a desire to create an occupation administration. I later told my colleagues that the occupation administration already exists there for three years and a half. The goal is that Russia withdraws from Donbas together with its occupation administration, and the international component enters there, reaches the minimum level of security, takes control of the whole territory and gradually begins to prepare this region for the elections," Klimkin said in his video blog from the OSCE Ministerial Meeting in Vienna, published on the YouTube channel on Thursday.

"And this is the only way forward, for the alternative is really freezing, and we fairly well understand that there are no any other alternatives," the minister said.