Medical reform actualizes issues of proven effectiveness and bioequivalence of medicines - expert

Medical reform actualizes the issue of using medicines with proven effectiveness, as well as the problem of bioequivalence of generic drugs, Natalia Serhienko, the Executive Director of the European Business Association (EBA) Health Care Committee, has said.

"Medical reform does not foresee any preference for domestic or foreign producers. In the context of consumption/production of necessary medicines, medical reform targets all interested parties who in one way or another may be subjects of relations in the new reformed system, using drugs with proven effectiveness," she told Interfax-Ukraine, while commenting on the influence of the medical reform on the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine.

Serhienko noted that manufacturers who offer drugs with proven effectiveness in the Ukrainian market "will be able to conduct their activities without any prejudice regarding the origin of their products."

"In this context, we insist that all manufacturers meet the same standards for evidence of the effectiveness of drugs. For example, this concerns the bioequivalence of generic medicines," she said.

"Standards in the legislation have changed, and now there are medicines in the market that have proved their bioequivalence according to the current European standards, and there are those that do not have such evidence. If to imagine that manufacturers would want to enter the European market with such drugs, they would not succeed. In our country, at the moment, these medicines are admitted to circulation in the market on an equal basis with others that are more effective and have the same right to be included in the program of reimbursement and payment from the national budget, as well as medicines with proven bioequivalence," the expert said.