Cabinet asks Rada to consider 20 bills on deregulation and decentralization on first plenary week

The Cabinet asks the Verkhovna Rada to consider 20 bills mainly on deregulation and decentralization issues on the first plenary week (from September 6 until September 9).

"We continue demonstrating transparency and openness to the public. Prior to each plenary week, we, as a government, have to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a list of priority bills for the plenary week," Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr Sayenko wrote on his Facebook page.

So, the government asks the Verkhovna Rada to consider the bill No. 3132 on improving the efficiency of bankruptcy procedures (this should improve Ukraine's positions in Doing Business rating by 8 points), No. 4493 on the establishment of transparent rules of the functioning of electricity markets, No. 3081-d on strengthening the state support for Ukrainian cinema and TV production. The bills No. 4194 on the full requirements abolishment of using printing in Ukraine, No. 4571 on the fight with piracy of intellectual property, No. 2764 on deregulation of restructuring of business entities’ debts, No. 4971 on the budget resolution, No. 3719 on the ban of withdrawal of electronic servers while conducting separate investigation activities.

In addition, the government calls on parliament to consider five bills in the decentralization sphere, in particular, No. 4472 on simplification of procedures of creating skillful territorial communities.