DTEK, Honeywell sign strategic partnership agreement at URC24

DTEK General Director Maksym Timchenko and Honeywell President in Central and Eastern Europe Przemek Szuder signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin.

"DTEK and Honeywell agreed to explore opportunities for: the fast-track restoration and maximisation of DTEK's energy generation capabilities that have been damaged in Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure; deployment of Honeywell’s battery energy storage systems; deployment of Honeywell's advanced modular refining and modular gas processing solutions," DTEK said on its website.

The companies will also cooperate to support DTEK's overall long-term energy transition strategy, offering solutions to optimize and decarbonize energy production.

According to Timchenko, expanding cooperation with Honeywell will mark a new phase in Ukraine's recovery process and strengthen its energy security and economic potential.

"Large-scale international partnerships are fundamental to Ukraine’s recovery and our announcement today serves as an example that actions, rather than words, are what Ukraine needs right now. Our energy system is under attack like never before, and I deeply appreciate Honeywell for its steadfast support to both rebuild and create a new energy system," the CEO of DTEK saidm whose words are given in the release.

Szuder, for his part, noted that with its portfolio focused on three global megatrends, namely automation, the energy transition and the future of aviation, Honeywell is an innovator in introducing technologies that accelerate the transition and automation of the energy sector.

"We are committed to supporting the immediate needs of the industry today, from resilience to optimisation, and are pleased to extend our valued collaboration with DTEK to jointly explore new ways to support Ukraine’s current and long-term energy needs," he said.

DTEK said its cooperation with Honeywell began in May 2021, when the companies launched Ukraine's first energy storage system (Battery Energy Storage System, BESS) in Enerhodar, and now it will support DTEK in assessing Ukraine's critical energy needs and will provide recommendations on opportunities to implement Honeywell's BESS along with DTEK's current systems.

Honeywell's BESS includes a suite of technologies to automate and control the storage and delivery of energy to a microgrid or national grid. This is a critical solution for managing the distribution of electricity, including from renewable sources, DTEK said.