Ukrnafta begins building new well in country's northeast

PJSC Ukrnafta has begun building a new exploration well in the north-east of the country, company director Serhiy Koretsky said on Facebook.

According to him, drilling is carried out using our own rig. The projected depth of the object is 3,314 m. The goal is to reach the productive horizons of the Visean sediments.

Completion of well construction is scheduled for August 2024.

Koretsky also said that the company is completing the installation of another own rig for drilling a new well in the west of the country.

Ukrnafta sets a strategic goal of doubling oil and natural gas production to 3 million tonnes and 2 billion cubic meters by 2027 respectively.

Ukrnafta, the largest oil producing company in Ukraine, is the operator of a national network of filling stations of 537 stations, of which 456 are operational.