Interpipe masters over 210 new types of pipe products for EU market

The Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe has prepared 210 new types of pipe products for the European Union market.

According to the Interpipe press release, Ukraine's accession to the European Union is a conscious civilizational choice of the country.

"But while the country is taking steps in this direction, Ukrainian business has already been quite deeply integrated into the European economy and markets thanks to trade liberalization. The Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe, thanks to the temporary abolition of all duties and quotas, has intensified its R&D and within two years has mastered more than 210 new types of pipe products among consumers in the EU, although previously its development portfolio consisted of only 30 new products," the company said in the press release.

At the same time, Denys Morozov, Deputy CEO of Interpipe, said at the Forbes "Made in Ukraine" Exporters Summit that a very capacious European market with many niches and unique customer requests has opened up for the company.

"But Interpipe has not produced these unique products before. However, the hard work and intelligence of our engineers brought results. Now, the company has a new image as a player in the European Union market, which can supply a wide range of products. For example, such a niche product as pipes for truck axles we supply to leading companies producing trucks and semi-trailers. And I have a dream that all European trucks will have axles made from Ukrainian pipes," he said.

In turn, Vladyslav Varnavsky, Director on Environment and Industrial Safety at Interpipe, said that a significant factor that is already increasing the company's competitiveness in Europe is a green electrometallurgical plant built from scratch that meets the Green Deal philosophy. Thanks to this, Interpipe has a better offer for European consumers than local producers, he added.

"If a few years ago the main requirements were technical audit and financial reliability, now the company is increasingly receiving requests for environmental audits," said the top manager.

According to him, green steel and green pipes are now a mainstream in Europe.

"And we can offer clients such products," the top manager concluded.