Ukraine invests over EUR600 mln in energy system modernization within synchronization with European one

Ukraine, as part of preparations for synchronization with ENTSO-E, has invested more than EUR600 million in the modernization of the energy system, Minister of Energy Herman Haluschenko said.

"Ukraine itself has invested more than EUR 600 million in the modernization of the energy system for this synchronization (with the European energy system). Now we are at the final stage. This year we are planning an isolated regime - twice, in winter and summer, and after that we will be able to show that the energy system is ready for unification," Haluschenko said at a briefing in Brussels following a meeting with European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson during an official visit.

He noted that for synchronization it remains to solve several technical issues.

"In fact, we have already done everything. There are several technical things that need to be completed," the minister explained.

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine has the absolute support of Europe in its desire to unite with the European energy system.

"There is absolute support for Ukraine, official support for our synchronization plans," the official said.