Ukraine may start exporting green hydrogen to EU by 2024 – FM

Ukraine, according to an optimistic scenario, can start exporting hydrogen from renewables (RES) to the European Union by 2024, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

"The EU defined Ukraine as a priority partner in supplying this new type of energy to the European consumers. We have resources, political will and ambition to make Ukraine a key green hydrogen supplier to the EU. Those projects are already launched, and the optimistic scenario is that by 2024 we will be able to launch first export supplies," Kuleba said at the 4th Association Exchange Forum in Kyiv on Thursday.

The minister said that the production and supply of hydrogen is a matter of strategy.

"Be successful tomorrow, we have to work eagerly today. We are not afraid of stepping forward into the uncharted territory. As I said earlier, one word that describes President Zelensky's foreign policy is ambition. The President sets out very ambitious goals, but this is the only way to reach big ambitious results," Kuleba said.