Metinvest offers buyback of 2021, 2023 eurobonds worth $290 mln at expense of new eurobonds

Metinvest, the largest Ukrainian mining and metallurgical holding, has offered the buyback of its eurobonds maturing in 2021 and 2023 for a total amount of up to $ 290 million, in particular through the issue of new eurobonds.

The purpose of the offer is to proactively manage and extend the maturity of the issuer's debt, and leverage favorable market conditions to refinance bonds to provide a more stable and long-term capital structure with a lower refinancing risk, the company said on the website of the Irish Stock Exchange.

Metinvest reminds that its 2021 eurobonds with a par value of $ 115.31 million and 2023 eurobonds with a par value of $ 504.52 million are in circulation. According to the proposal, the volume of redemption of 2023 eurobonds is limited by the condition to keep this issue in circulation in the amount of at least $ 300 million. In particular, it is indicated that if all 2021 eurobonds are submitted for redemption, the volume of redemption of 2023 eurobonds will amount to $ 164.25 million.

Metinvest also said that it had already received information from the holder of 2021 eurobonds for $ 80.8 million about the intention to make such a buyout. If this intention is confirmed, then for the general agreement on the operation of these securities, the participation of the holders of these bonds for about $ 5.7 million will be required.

According to the promulgated terms, 2021 eurobonds are redeemed at a price of 103% of the face value, 2023 eurobonds at 104.25% of the face value.

Redemption applications are accepted until September 28 inclusive. The earliest expected settlement date is October 1, the final one is October 16.