Zelensky's advisor Danyliuk insists on observing IMF conditions before elections, announces talks about new program after elections

Ukraine has possibilities to observe the conditions for receiving the next tranche of the loan of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the Stand By Arrangement, former finance minister, adviser of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Oleksandr Danyliuk has said.

"We have the functioning government that will act until the formation of the new government. There is the functioning Verkhovna Rada, which can and must pass bills that are in international obligations, there are all existing public institutions. We need just fulfill the conditions now and not seek for or invent political reasons and not to blame the political process," he said on Radio NV.

Danyliuk said that the IMF mission continues working in Ukraine and its goal is to verify the fulfillment of all the conditions that Ukraine had to implement in order to receive the next tranche, as well as agree on the conditions of the next tranche.

According to the adviser, he is in constant dialogue, and the mission will meet with President Zelensky next week.

Danyliuk declined other comments, citing the fact that until the completion of the mission's work, comments were not traditionally given.

"Much depends on the position of the Ministry of Finance, professionalism, on the ability to attract resources to pay for the government's debt obligations. I understand that, as always, everything is not simple. However, I believe in the Ministry of Finance's professionalism," the ex-minister added.

He also predicted that after the elections, Ukraine and the IMF will begin negotiations on a new cooperation program.

"After the election cycle and the formation of the new government, we will most likely talk about a new program that will meet both the priorities and the challenges facing the country," Danyliuk said.

Earlier IMF Spokesman Gerry Rice said that the IMF is waiting for the parliamentary election and the formation of the new government in Ukraine to discuss further cooperation, the IMF mission is holding constructive discussion in Kyiv on the recent developments and economic policies.

"Once the government has been formed, after the elections, we stand ready to reengage to discuss our further cooperation with Ukraine," he said at a briefing at the IMF on May 23.