WTO confirms decision of arbitrators on transit dispute between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine decides not to appeal

The World Trade Organization's dispute settlement mechanism on April 26 approved the report of the arbitration panel on the dispute between Russia and Ukraine regarding restrictions regarding the transit of Ukrainian goods through Russia, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development has said.

In the report, the panel concluded that none of the Russian measures being challenged by Ukraine violates WTO rules.

"Ukraine refrained from appealing this decision, and as of today, the decision has definitively taken force," the ministry said.

"We take a positive view of the results of the dispute for Russia, both in terms of the present procedures and in a systemic context - to be specific, in the context of disputes with the U.S. on measures related to steel and aluminum. We believe that this decision is precise and reflects the real balance of rights of members of the organization to protect their national security and their obligations to get rid of restrictions in international trade, as envisaged in WTO agreements," Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin was quoted as saying.