Russia's ban on imports of cardboard and paper from Ukraine problematic only for package exporters – UkrPapir

Russia's expanding the list of cardboard and paper products, the import of which is prohibited from Ukraine, will not significantly affect the work of the industry, however the ban will become a problem for the export of cardboard boxes, bags and package, the executive director of the UkrPapir association, Eduard Lytvak, has said.

"Indeed, the ban on the export to the Russian Federation of uncoated paper and cardboard, Kraft paper and uncoated Kraft cardboard, multilayer and corrugated paper and cardboard will not significantly affect the work of industry enterprises, although it is unpleasant to state such a move by the Russian Federation," he told Interfax-Ukraine.

Lytvak noted that in general in 2018 out of the total export volume of cardboard and paper products in the volume of 423,800 tonnes, some 161,600 tonnes (38.1%) were exported to Russia.

According to the State Statistics Service, in 2018 of the total export of uncoated paper and cardboard in the amount of $74,400 (40,800 tonnes), exports to the Russian Federation amounted to $1,000 (175 tonnes), Kraft paper and cardboard to $3 million (31% of total exports), multilayer paper and cardboard to $200, corrugated paper and cardboard to $1 million (10% of exports).