Gazprom increases gas transit across Ukraine by 25% over repairs of Yamal-Europe pipeline – Naftogaz

Russia's Gazprom in the past week sharply increased volumes of natural gas transportation to Europe using the Ukrainian pipelines – by 60 million cubic meters a day or 25%, reaching around 300 million cubic meters a day, Naftogaz Ukrainy CEO Andriy Kobolev has said.

"The reason for this is the repair of the Yamal-Europe pipeline [passing through Belarus]... On an annual basis, this is equivalent to about 110 billion cubic meters of gas," he wrote on his Facebook page.

As Kobolev said, such a sharp increase in transit is possible only due to the reliability and quality of the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS).

"No other system is able to offer such flexibility and power reserves, even at such a favorable price," the head of Naftogaz added.

In his opinion, this situation proves once again that the construction of bypass routes by Gazprom has no technical and economic justification.

"The true motives of the actions of the Russians are solely political," Kobolev said.