DTEK Grids warns of disconnection of some important infrastructure facilities from power supply from April 1

 DTEK Grids, which unites three power distributors in Kyiv city, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, warns of a possibility of disconnecting some facilities important for infrastructure from power supply from April 1, 2019. Electricity to them is transmitted by the supplier of last resort state-owned enterprise Ukrinterenergo.

The company said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday that the term, during which the supplier of last resort is to supply electricity to enterprises an companies which failed before January 1, 2019 to sign a power supply contract with suppliers at market prices (due to a debt for electricity consumed or the failure to hold a tender to buy electricity on time), will expire on March 31, 2019. According to the law, the power distribution operators are to disconnect its clients from the power supply network based on notifications from Ukrinterenergo from April 1.

"If the customer has the terminated contract (or it is expired) with one supplier and the customer has not signed it with another supplier, the supplier informs the power distribution operator about the termination of the contractual relationship with the consumer and the operator is obliged to disconnect this consumer. In fact, from the date of termination of the contract between the supplier and the consumer is [delivery without a contract] it will be stealing electricity," Head of Client Operations Department at DTEK Kyiv Grids Hanna Fursova said.

Failure to comply with the supplier's request for disconnection of a customer by the power distribution operator may be regarded by the regulator as violation of the law.

Thus, customers who will not be able to conclude contracts with suppliers before March 31 in the conditions of the new market will be deprived of energy supply. At the same time, among such facilities are water supply companies, transport infrastructure enterprises, as well as state-owned enterprises, including state-owned coalmines.

According to a notification of the supplier of last resort received by the power distribution operators, in Kyiv the following enterprises could be disconnected from power: Mayak Plant and Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Hydrodevices belonged to Ukroboronprom, several enterprises of Kyivpastrans, the Center of Public Land Cadastre and some residential complexes.

In turn, in Donetsk region, municipal enterprise Voda Donbasu, the branch Trunk Gas Pipeline Department of Kharkivtransgaz of JSC Ukrtransgaz, in Dnipropetrovsk region municipal enterprise Aulsky Vodovod, municipal enterprise Raivodokanal (Novomoskovsk district), municipal enterprise Dniproteploenergo, several transport enterprises, including the Kryvy Rih international airport could be disconnected.

DTEK Grids called on consumers to hold talks with suppliers on the new electricity market, as there are many of them, to prevent disconnection from power from April 1.

"If this problem concerns critical facilities, then, probably, it is necessary to consider this issue at the national level, and to make some changes to the legislation. Perhaps this issue should be addressed to the relevant ministry or the Cabinet of Ministers," the press service of the company said.