Infrastructure Ministry to develop Vietnamese port Lotus as logistics center for Ukrainian goods

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is considering the Vietnamese port Lotus (38% belongs to the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise Black Sea Navigation Blasko) as a possible platform for creating a logistics center through which exports of Ukrainian goods to Asian markets could be arranged.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Viktor Dovhan said in an interview with the Center of Transport Strategies edition that the sale of the foreign asset in the form of corporate rights to a share in the charter capital of the Ukrainian-Vietnamese joint venture Lotus is not on agenda.

"The issue of the possibility of using the port infrastructure of JV Lotus as a logistics center for Ukrainian products to enter eastern markets is being studied. This is also due to the extremely favorable conditions of the port location: the company is located at the mouth of the Saigon River, which flows into the South China Sea, which opens convenient ways of communication with the global eastern business activity centers - Singapore and Hong Kong," he said.

He also said that the port pays dividends in full and shows a steady increase in revenue.