IMF will study law on Anti-Corruption Court with a view to guaranteeing its independence

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the law on the Anti-Corruption Court just a few hours ago, therefore the International Monetary Fund (IMF) needs some time to assess it, IMF Spokesman Gerry Rice has said.

"That happened a few hours ago, so we will now assess that law as it was adopted. We'll be looking to see that it ensures the establishment of an independent and trustworthy anti-corruption court that meets the expectations of the Ukrainian people. In this regard, the selection process of judges who sit on that court is critical, and it's important that the panel of independent experts to support this process has a crucial role in verifying that applicants to the position of a judge have the necessary qualifications. Those are the things we will be looking at as priority items," he said at a traditional briefing in Washington.

"We're still working toward the completion of the fourth review, which would rest on the implementation of certain important items, and one of those was a strong and independent anti-corruption court," he said.