EU will sign agreement on issue of EUR 50 mln for Energy Efficiency Fund in March

 The European Union in March of this year will sign a technical agreement with Ukraine on the issue of EUR 50 million to the Energy Efficiency Fund, European Commission Deputy Director General for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Katarina Mathernova has said.

"Today's adoption of a number of important documents on the Energy Efficiency Fund will provide an opportunity to sign an agreement on the fund's financing for EUR 50 million, and this amount will be used for the fund itself and provision of technical assistance within five years," she said at a cabinet meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday.

In particular, the government approved the regulation on the supervisory board of the Energy Efficiency Fund, a standard agreement with an independent member of the supervisory board, the methodology for calculating energy savings as a result of implementing energy efficiency measures and the main activities and personnel requirements for the management of the fund.

"The EU is ready to issue the second part of funding for the Energy Efficiency Fund in the amount of EUR 50 million. As soon as the fund starts working, the EU is ready to provide the second part of financing," the expert added.

She noted work on the creation of the fund was carried out in a very short time, and this was achieved jointly with the representatives from the Ukrainian side, the EU, a support group from the World Bank, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Services.