Fiscal service denies information about scraping funding infrastructure projects on Ukrainian border by EU

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine has denied information appeared in foreign mass media that allegedly the European Union (EU) has scraped funding of infrastructure projects on the Ukrainian frontier.

"In relation to information appeared in mass media regarding the termination of the financing of infrastructure projects on the Ukrainian frontier by the EU, the State Fiscal Service reports that at the moment it does not have this information available… The issues of further financing of reconstruction and construction of checkpoints at the expense of grants or the 2018 budget of the State Fiscal Service," the press service of the State Fiscal Service said on Tuesday.

The authority said that in November-December 2017, the State Fiscal Service sent a final report on the status of the implementation of projects to the Joint Technical Secretariat of the EU. The feedback is expected.

"Taking this into account, it is premature and incorrect to talk about the termination of projects and the need to return funds," the State Fiscal Service said.

In addition, the press service published a list of these projects, in particular, reconstruction of the international automobile border crossing point Ustyluh (the cost is EUR 5.487 million), the creation of a functional module – the border crossing point filter - at the international automobile border crossing point Rava-Ruska, provision of equipment and facilities to the border crossing points Krakovets, Shehyny and Yahodyn (project cost EUR 2.214 million) and other projects.