U.S. House of Representatives supports Act aimed to enhance U.S.-Ukraine cyber security cooperation

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a "Ukraine Cyber Security Cooperation Act" by 404 votes, the embassy of Ukraine in the U.S. said on its Facebook page in the early hours of Thursday.

"The House passed a 'Ukraine Cyber Security Cooperation Act' aimed to promote a more enhanced cooperation of Ukraine and the United States in the area of cyber security at the time of the continuing efforts to counter Russian hybrid aggression," a message reads.

The legislation is designed to provide Ukraine support to secure government computer networks from malicious cyber intrusions. It is also aimed to provide Ukraine support in reducing reliance on Russian information and communications technology, as well as facilitate Ukraine's participation in cyber security information sharing.

Ukraine's Ambassador to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly attended the consideration of the bill in the House chamber. "The bill separately confirms the commitment of the United States of America to the Charter on Strategic Partnership between Ukraine and the United States," he said.

The bill has been sponsored by Congressmen Brendan Boyle (D-PA) and cosponsored by Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-R), House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Congressional Ukrainian Caucus members. Before becoming a law, the bill needs to pass the Senate and get signed by the U.S. President.