PrivatBank's assets expand by 21% in 2017

 State-run PrivatBank (Kyiv) saw a 21% increase in assets in 2017, to UAH 259 billion, the bank said in its preliminary report available to Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the report, the loan portfolio of the bank expanded by 5.9%, to UAH 235.476 billion, including a 0.66% rise in loans issued to companies, to UAH 193.917 billion and a 40% increase in loans issued to individuals, to UAH 41.558 billion.

The amount of securities grew by 78.1%, to UAH 162.88 billion.

Funds of individuals grew by 34.88%, to UAH 40.368 billion, and funds of companies – by 9.48%, to UAH 167.499 billion.

The charter capital of the bank was increased by UAH 48.4 billion, to UAH 155.4 billion.

The bank also presented some economic requirements figures as of January 1, 2018. Capital adequacy (N2) was 13.87% with the requirement of at least 10% (early 2017 N2 was 2.1%), instant liquidity requirement (N4) was 32.7% with the limit of at least 20%, current liquidity (N5) – 152.91% (at least 40%), short-term liquidity (N6) – 98.11% (at least 60%).

PrivatBank said that the budget for 2018 envisages UAH 4 billion of net profit.