Groysman states gas price for public won't change by end of heating season

The price for gas sold to the population under public service obligations (PSO) won't change by the end of the current heating season, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman has said.

"The price of gas in this heating season will not be changed. I said this, I will stick to my word. Indeed, there is a question, and this was stated by the IMF representative in Ukraine, in order to equalize the commercial price of gas and the price for the population. Now we are working with the IMF, we have our own opinion, I do not agree with certain issues - I believe that there should be fair price formation in the country," he said at a briefing in Bohuslav (Kyiv region).

Groysman added it is also necessary to provide a high-quality system for protecting people against possible price increases.