Ukraine's national budget deficit narrows by 31.9% in 2017 - NBU

The deficit of Ukraine's national budget in 2017 totaled UAH 47.85 billion, which is 31.9% or UAH 22.4 billion lower than in 2016, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reported on Tuesday.

The NBU said that internal financing fell by 70.6%, to UAH 10.89 billion, while revenue from privatization soared 17.9-fold, to UAH 3.38 billion.

The central bank said that in Q4 2017 the deficit skyrocketed 9.2-fold year-over-year, to UAH 62.83 billion, including a 2.2-fold rise in December, to UAH 53.37 billion.

The NBU also said that revenue of the national budget in 2017 grew by 28.7%, to UAH 793.27 billion and expenditure – by 22.5%, to UAH 839.24 billion.

The deficit of Ukraine's consolidated budget in 2017 fell by 23.2%, to UAH 42.09 billion. Revenue rose by 29.9%, to UAH 1.017 trillion and expenditure – by 26.4%, to UAH 1.057 trillion.