Fuel prices at Ukrainian filling stations could jump at least 50 kopecks per liter - expert

Retail price of fuel at Ukrainian filling stations would grow more in the near term, by at least 50 kopecks per liter, Director of the A-95 consulting group Serhiy Kuyun has said.

"The key factor of growth is crude oil price hikes in the world. Only in the first ten days of January the price of oil grew from $66 to $71 in global markets. For your reference: a year ago the price of oil was $55, and the average annual price was almost the same. Strengthening of global currencies, especially the euro, to which the excise duties for fuel are pegged, contribute to the price growth. All these things indicate that in the near term the prices would grow by at least 50 kopecks per liter in the near term," he told Interfax-Ukraine.

The expert said that the increase in the prices would stop as soon as the factors provoking the growth – oil price hikes and weakening of the hryvnia – disappear.