Forecast for Ukraine's GDP growth in 2017 downgraded to 1.8%, inflation to 12.2%

GDP growth in Ukraine in 2017 is expected at the level of 1.8% with inflation (December to December) being 12.2% with the improvement in these figures in 2018 to 3% and 8% respectively, according to the consensus forecast posted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

According to the report, experts expect GDP growth in 2019 by 3.6% with inflation being 5.9% and in 2020 some 4% with inflation standing at 5%.

The ministry noted four months ago the economic recovery estimates for this year were slightly more optimistic - 1.9% with inflation being 10.5%, whereas in 2018 experts expected the same 3% growth but with inflation of 7%.

The most optimistic participants in the consensus forecast were a year ago: then they expected the economy to accelerate this year to 2.9% and next year to 3.6%, while inflation to slow down to 9% and 6% respectively.