Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine posts UAH 634.2 mln in net loss in 2014

Kyiv-based PrJSC Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine, a large tobacco producer in Ukraine, posted UAH 634.184 million in net loss in 2014 against UAH 54.109 million in net profit in 2013.

The company's net revenue from sales in 2014 grew by 27.2%, to UAH 1.308 billion, the company said in the National Securities and the Stock Market Commission's information disclosure system.

Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine's gross profit grew by 43.8%, to UAH 227.774 million, its operating loss was estimated at UAH 36.946 million against UAH 119. 352 million in operating profit in 2013.

Last year the company saw a 0.3% decline in cigarette sales from 2013, to 15.6 billion cigarettes.

Imperial Tobacco in Ukraine is represented by the company with foreign investments Imperial Tobacco Ukraine and joint-stock company Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine, part of Imperial Tobacco Group Plc. The company's brands include Davidoff, Prima, West and Style. The tobacco factory is located in Kyiv and manufactures products for the domestic market and for export.