PMs of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to hold online meeting

Prime Ministers of the Associated Trio countries (Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia) will hold an online meeting on Friday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

"We devoted most of the conversation to synchronizing and pooling efforts on the path of European integration. Today, the Prime Ministers of the Associated Trio will hold an online meeting," Kuleba said at a press conference following talks with Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Nicolae Popescu.

The minister noted that he agreed with the Moldovan Foreign Minister to actively prepare and coordinate actions in preparation for the Eastern Partnership summit.

"Yesterday I publicly stated that I believe that the countries of the Associated Trio will be in the next wave of EU enlargement. Today I was especially glad to hear that Nicu [Nicolae Popescu] is even more ambitious than me in this matter. Therefore, we are united not only by a common reality, but also by common ambitions for the future," Kuleba said.

In turn, Popescu added that he and the Ukrainian minister held substantive negotiations on what they are doing to bring Moldova and Ukraine closer to the EU.

"At the bilateral level, within the Associated Trio with Georgia, we are jointly promoting some goals regarding the EU. The first is to strengthen our partnership and dialogue with the EU on politics and security. The second is to continue to implement our Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU, and also to expand our cooperation with the EU in new areas on such issues as environmental cooperation, digitalization, and even greater integration of our countries into the EU internal market," he said.

The Moldovan Foreign Minister also expressed hope for the liberalization of roaming prices between the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries.

Popescu also stressed that Ukraine and Moldova "will speak with one voice" and promote the same goals at the Eastern Partnership summit.