Ukrainian gas producers expect production to grow by 5-7% in 2018

The Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine expects that this year gas production in Ukraine would grow by 5-7%, Association Executive Director Roman Opimakh has said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

"On average we could predict that this year production would grow by 5-7%," he said.

Opimakh said that Ukrazvydobuvannia would speed up gas production growth in 2018, and independent producers would change their pace to upward.

The association believes that key factors that would push up growth is the change of the fiscal regime (the introduction of the stimulating royalty for new wells), the relaxation of administrative procedures and the abolishment of the requirement on mandatory revaluation of deposits each five years.

"The adoption of bill No. 3096-d at second reading is important, as it significantly relaxes the operation of gas producing companies," Opimakh said.

He also said that the organization of open and transparent auctions to sell licenses for new fields and opening of geological information are important.

As reported, gas production in Ukraine in 2017 grew by 4%, to 20.791 billion cubic meters.